All our funeral notices are placed on the Tributes website at no charge to our families. 

Placing the funeral notice on the internet allows it to be read at any time. Features can include a map to the service venue, an ability to order flowers online or details of which organisation donations can be sent to.

Family and friends from anywhere in the world can read and place messages in the tribute book – there is no cost to leave or read comments and no restriction to the amount of words that can be placed.  Tribute pages and tribute books may be printed at any time.

Another feature of the website is that the family can add a personal history about the person who has died. This is a good location to include eulogies read out at the funeral service.

Additional features with a minimal cost are:

    • Placing photographs in a special online photo album
    • Uploading a photo presentation (photographs set to music) if it featured in the funeral service, so that it is available for viewing at any time by friends  around New Zealand or overseas who were unable to attend the service.

The website is safe and secure – all comments, photographs, photo presentations and personal histories are checked by the funeral director or the tributes administrator before being uploaded to the website.

The tribute page stays active for 13 months.  After that time you can choose to renew your registration annually at a minimal cost. Even if you do not renew the tribute, the funeral notice will stay on the site indefinitely at no cost to you so that future generations will be able to view notices from the past.

For those of the Catholic faith, we have designed the Catholic Funerals website with the support of the Archdiocese of Wellington. This website allows you to plan a Funeral Mass; it provides you with all of the approved Bible readings, as well as many hymns.

The website also sets out the Catholic Church’s approved policies in relation to funerals within the Church.

As well as creating an electronic plan for a Funeral Mass with the ‘Funeral Mass Planner Guide’, you can save your plan to your computer, or email it to family, friends or the priest who is participating in the funeral.

The Pre-paid Funerals website is designed to give you information about pre-arranged and pre-paid funerals in New Zealand.

For a long time many of us haven’t liked to think about funerals. Yet today more and more people are changing this way of thinking and finding that it makes a lot of sense to pre-arrange their funeral and/or join a pre-payment plan.

Throughout our lives we plan for almost every financial eventuality we may face. Pre-arranging and/or pre-paying for our funeral makes sense as a way to help relieve your family of emotional and financial worries when the time comes. The Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand recommends and endorses this pre-paid funeral plan.

The Eco Funerals website responds to the growing awareness of our impact on the environment, including the way we leave this world. Some people want to personalise their funerals while considering how their choices affect the environment. This website explains the eco-friendly funeral options available to you, and helps you to make well- informed choices.

Eco Funerals recognises that our own funeral marks the end of our call on the earth’s resources and, just as in life, involves a number of choices that can impact, to a greater or lesser degree, on the environment. These choices include whether or not to embalm, the type of casket to use, and burial or cremation.

With the arrival of international ownership of a number of New Zealand funeral companies, Funeral-Link New Zealand was set up to assist New Zealand–owned funeral directors. It provides a central reference point for information relating to funerals and offers assistance when a bereavement occurs. You can be assured that all of the  companies listed on this site are 100% New Zealand owned.

We believe that it is important to deal with locally owned funeral companies. When you are working with a member of Funeral-Link anywhere in New Zealand, as identified on this website, you have the assurance that you are dealing with local people who care about their communities.

Some people are not aware that many funeral homes in New Zealand are in fact owned by an overseas corporation.

This corporation owns funeral homes in Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand. They also own cemeteries and crematoriums.

People may not be aware that a funeral home is owned by an overseas corporation as when a New Zealand company is purchased, the overseas owner carries on using the same funeral home name as before. Only in the fine print would one notice a reference to the true owner of the funeral home.
Dealing with a locally owned or family owned funeral home is important to some people and ensures you receive service that is appropriate to your and your family.
The funeral director who makes the decisions lives in your community; they don't answer to a head office in another country. If things were to go wrong, you can talk to the owner, whose reputation is on the line.

The difference between locally owned and family owned is that locally owned defines funeral companies that live and own the funeral home in the town or city. Family owned means that the company is owned and operated by a NZ family, who may live in another town.

All funeral homes listed in the Directory Page are proud to be 100% locally owned or 100% family owned; all these companies are also members of the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand (FDANZ).