The funeral account

Every funeral invoice from Dignity Funeral Services is individualised. It will generally include professional service fees, mortuary services, vehicle transfers, and a casket. Other items may be included and will be itemized such as: crematorium and cemetery fees, ashes and memorial fees, doctor’s fees, newspaper notices, flowers, printing, catering, a death certificate, gratuities and donations, multimedia and audiovisual, and monumental options.

An estimate

With every funeral we will give you an estimate of the costs of the funeral that you have arranged with your funeral director.

The payment due date

On the Wednesday after the funeral we send the itemised funeral account to the address that you have indicated as appropriate. The due date for payment, which will be indicated on the invoice, will be 3 weeks from the day the funeral account is sent.

We will remind you 7 days prior to the due date.

An account finance charge may be added if payment is not made by the due date.

Overdue accounts

Failure to make payments by the due date may result in additional recovery costs and recovery steps being taken. Interest may be added to the funeral account that remains unpaid.