Burial or Cremation

During your first contact with Dignity Funeral Services, our funeral director will ask you whether the person who has died wished to be buried or cremated. The choice – burial or cremation – determines which kind of medical certificate we are legally required to obtain.


Cemetery plot search and location are a specialty of ours. Burials can be arranged in any cemetery, either in existing graves or in new plots. We provide a grave marker which will stay in place for up to 16 weeks while a permanent headstone is made. A reminder letter will be sent after 14 weeks regarding removal of the gravemarker. With negotiation the grave marker may stay in place until the headstone is installed.


In New Zealand, cremation is now a widely accepted alternative to burial. In Dunedin the cremation will generally take place on the day of the funeral and the ashes become available within 48 hours.

The family can then decide what will happen with the ashes – they can be scattered, buried or divided by the local authority, the funeral director or the family. We can assist in sending ashes to other destinations in New Zealand and overseas.